DAZ noobs read this

A few weeks ago Gyia posted an excellent noobs intro/guide to collecting and installing DAZ freebies, including a long linked list of core / base figures. As far as I can tell, he’s just listing the free figures. Well worth reading.

Quite rightly he says never to blindly unzip a non-official freebie to your DAZ/Poser content directory, even if it has an installer. I’d also have added that, instead, you should find the freebie’s “Runtime” folder and then manually copy all the subfolders that sit below that. Then highlight your main Runtime, paste your copied folders, and allow Windows to merge them with the main Runtime folder.

He already has some updates to his list here and a short guide to the main Japanese DAZ/Poser site here. He seems likely to list more at his his blog (snagging the RSS feed is probably a good idea).


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