Enabling real-time stereo preview in iClone

The new stereo 3D capabilities of iClone 4.2 don’t give you a real-time stereo preview while using iClone’s Editor mode. But… those with good NVIDIA gaming graphics-cards can use the free NVIDIA 3D Vision drivers to instantly preview scenes, using the “red-blue glasses” mode. This should help a lot when trying to establish the most effective lighting and colour-scheme for a stereo-3D scene in iClone.


1. I assume you have latest NVIDIA stereo 3D graphics drivers installed (see below, if not), and set up, and globally activated.

2. Firstly you will probably need to change the stereo-effect “toggle” keys, i.e.; the buttons you press when playing a game to toggle the stereo effect “on” or “off”. Change these default keyboard “toggle” settings via: Windows Start | Control Panel | Appearance | NVIDIA Control Panel | Set up Stereoscopic 3D | Set Keyboard Shortcuts.

By default the toggle command is Ctrl + T, but this is already in use by iClone. I suggest changing it to: Crtl + #

3. Now launch iClone, and load up a simple scene. Then press F11 to switch to full-screen Editor view. The stereo effect will not work in normal Editor view mode, you must be in full-screen. The NVIDIA drivers should then auto-detect that you’re in a proper 3D scene, and they will kick in. After you’ve checked the colours and lighting while wearing the special glasses (you can worry about the stereo-separation distances later), just press Esc to exit full-screen mode.

A side-effect will be that the same stereo effect will now auto-activate in all your videogames. You can globally turn off this feature, by going to the Windows Start Menu > NVIDIA Corporation > 3D Vision and select “Disable 3D VISION”.

ATI users:

Users of ATI graphics cards report (on the iClone forums) that they have had similar success with the free third-party IZ3D beta drivers for ATI

“I can now toggle my iClone Editor screen to display in “real-time” anaglyph mode when required. This really aids content positioning and camera angles for successful 3D output.”

Presumably this will also only work in full-screen Editor mode.

For those with a newly-installed copy of Windows 7:

Are you running a recent install of Windows 7? You will find the new O/S doesn’t make it easy to enable stereo 3D in games and 3D applications. Nvidia’s instruction to…

“Browse to the Start Menu > NVIDIA Corporation > 3D Vision and select “Enable 3D VISION Discover”.”

… is completely useless in such cases, because you won’t have any such shortcut in your Start menu. This is because those with a fresh install of Windows 7 will only have “Windows 7 approved” Nvidia display drivers (191.07), which will have been downloaded and installed automatically soon after installing the new Windows. But these are not the latest drivers and they don’t have 3D capabilities. So… you need to download the very latest Nvidia graphics drivers, install them, reboot — and now you will then have the magic link to “Enable 3D VISION Discover” (which is actually located in C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvstlink.exe — and the set-up calibration wizard is also there, nvstwiz.exe).

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  1. “Presumably this will also only work in full-screen Editor mode”.

    The IZ3D beta drivers also work with Nvidia cards, and can display anaglyph in full or standard iClone screen mode — so you can have it operating whilst you drag-and-drop from your contents panel.


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