Hot tutorial

Need to create photo-realistic video clips of fire, but don’t want to fry your shiny new digicam or get smoke in your eyes? Miikah of Finland has a new tutorial, Creating realistic fire and smoke in Blender 2.5. There are accompanying .blend files, ready to load up into the free Blender.

Put them against a green-screen and they might be useful for getting into iClone via popVideo. Although there could be some fringing issues with the smoke and light-spill? Or perhaps even try applying them as video-clip textures as part of iClone’s atmospheric particles (with a glow map or two)?

Garden bits from DAZ

Just arrived on the DAZ freebies page, and probably time-limited, an ornamental bridge and arbour/gateway, plus some generic picnic tables…

It’s an 80Mb two-part download. The texture is ridiculously “shiny-new”, but after you export it to iClone some of the old wood textures from my Ryzom pack should work wonders.

Of course, there are also a handful of nice ornamental footbridges on 3D Warehouse, but nothing quite as nice as this one at the size/scale of a small stream. At a slightly larger “river” scale, this 3D Warehouse low-poly (38k) bridge is particularly nice if you want a fantasy / Saxon / Gondor look.