DreamWorks to make real-time movies

cNet has a blow-by-blow report of a recent talk by DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg, which touched on real-time animation rendering…

“We’ve been working in partnership with Intel on the next-generation chips they’ll be delivering in a few months and it’s going to completely revolutionize our business… Today when our artists create a frame in Shrek, they essentially paint it and mostly they do it out of intuition and experience, and then they take that frame and send it to a render farm and eight hours later they get it back and it’s about 80 percent right… These new processors will actually allow these artists to work in real time. What this does is change the entire process of how we create our product, and this is going to affect many industries that rely on high-power computing.”

If you need the fine detail on the technology, you might plug the Real-Time Rendering blog into your feedreader.

Screen queens

DAZ has a new time-limited freebie, a screen set, now available. Including a force-field screen, for those currently making their iClone sci-fi competition movie. The 48Mb download has…

Chinese Screen (.CR2 & .OBJ)
Force Screens (.CR2 & .OBJ)
Hospital Screens (.CR2 & .OBJ)
Peaked Screen (.CR2 & .OBJ)
Simple Shoji (.CR2 & .OBJ)

After install, the OBJ files end up in…


You’ll need the DAZ Game Dev Kit or MeshLab to decimate some of the models, since they’re between 29,000 (hospital screen) and 100,000+ faces (sci-fi screens). You may also want to resize them first in something other than 3DXchange, since even at 9999 in 3DXchange they’re too small.