Daz Carrara 7 for free

Those who had the full DAZ Carrara 6 Pro on a cover-disk recently, may like to know that…

“the full 3D suite Daz Carrara 7”

… is now free on the cover-disk of UK magazine Digital Arts (July 2010). Although they say it’s “worth £100”, so it seems this is actually only the Express version (originally $170), not the Pro version. Assuming you don’t want to model in Carrara, having Express 7 basically means: no clouds, no HDRI lighting, no depth-of-field effects, no motion-blur on animations, no glow maps on primitives, no lens-flare. The loss of HDR is a blow, but if you’re rendering stills you can probably add most of the other FX in Photoshop. Also, no 3D painting onto 3D models or UV unwrapping.

It apparently comes with “100 preset scenes“.

Do You Dream in Color?

Do You Dream in Color?

“Abigail Fuller […] is fulfilling her dream by exploring the dreams of others. She is making the documentary film “Do You Dream in Color?” about the dreams of blind teenagers — their sleeping dreams and the dreams that propel their waking hours. When Fuller and another film-school graduate embarked upon the project in 2008, they envisioned a film about blind teenagers’ dreams, illustrated by animators. But when they started working with the teenagers, they discovered a wider, more complex world…”

Kickstarter page.

WorldForge conversions for iClone

I’ve converted some of the WorldForge art assets for iClone. According to Wikipedia WorldForge is an ambitious open-source MMORPG videogame — but so far it has only managed to release a pig-farming sim. There’s some generic medieval fantasy stuff in their repository in .obj, .3ds, .max, and .blend format. And plenty in the impenetrable Ogre format. Everything is low-poly, but in the intervening years many better similar items have appeared on 3D Warehouse.

I have however rescued and converted a few of the items which still seem worth having. Including a magnificent low-poly cathedral, complete with gargoyles and superb textures, all done in 119,000 faces. It has window gaps into which you can fit your own stained glass, or plain glass to allow light shafts into the building. I’ve also included a folder of my .jpg conversions of the cathedral’s .dds textures. Also in the pack are a cave system, a fallen skeleton, a coastal boat, and some far-distance items (cart, tree, shattered tower).

Download here (34Mb, .zip file)

Click on the pictures for larger versions.

The Cheating Merchant

This seems rather appropriate, this week. I’ve converted a very low-poly Ryzom fantasy character, from the game’s open-source assets. “The Cheating Merchant” has a looping animation, a nasty shoulder-shrug and a shopkeeper’s greasy rubbing/wringing of the hands. Place the iAvatar and its .ini file in your Custom characters folder, and the iMotion folder in your Custom motions folder. You can also use iClone’s Motion Editor to make new motions.

Download here (1.8Mb, .7z zip file)

Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike. Many thanks to the Ryzom team.