New Sculptris update

Just released, a new version of the intuitive clay-like modelling application Sculptris. It’s a free substitute for ZBrush or Mudbox. Sculptris 1.01 is…

“a fixed version that will hopefully eliminate startup crashes and crash caused by opening texture maps. It also adds the ability to copy and paste the colormap, with opacity from the strength slider to blend “history” with the current buffer. It’s kind of a crude replacement for layers, in a way. Like the “blend last action” in Photoshop, except you can have multiple actions before you blend it.”

Flash Gordon 3

iClone conversion of “Flash Gordon 3”, retro-style spaceship. Original model by “Kojocci” (Kari Kosonen of Finland) on Share CG. Usage Rights: “Unrestricted use”.

Download here (12Mb inc. textures, .zip file)

Click the picture for a larger version. Background photo by NASA.

Muvizu roadmap

More news from Muvizu

* The next beta release is now set for 28th June 2010. New types of lighting and cameras will be added, the software should load 30 seconds more quickly, and there will be new animal costumes and fat women characters (!).

* A further August 2010 release will see import capabilities added to the beta…

“.ase files in the first instance; although we intend later to extend this to COLLADA and .fbx. Files may be exported from Maya and XSI in this [.ase] format by using Epic’s free ActorX plug-in. 3D Studio Max can output directly in this format. [ and the import options ] will be expanded with further releases”.

* there will also be a new website by August 2010.

* “hard core code improvements” are planned after that.

Stories from Smolbag

Tropical island paradise? Machinima software? Hey, let’s combine the two!

“Moviestorm requires relatively little in the way of sophisticated resources or money, which means someone in Vanuatu stands as good a chance as anyone anywhere of producing a great piece of work. […] The draw of Moviestorm is proving to be strong. It has been a highly rewarding experience to see Smolbag’s youth centre members (and indeed the odd actor) blossom when they see their ideas come to life on the screen, to help them develop movies that are relevant to their own lives, and hopefully soon we will be able to use the Moviestorm network to share these with people thousands of miles away.”