Earth Spirits for iClone pack

The Ryzom “Earth Spirits” Pack for iClone 4.

This is a pack of animated characters I converted for iClone from the open source release of the MMO videogame Ryzom. Thanks to the Ryzom team.

Free! Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike.

Install Instructions:

Highlight and copy the folder “Earth Spirits” to…

   C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom\Character

Then double-click to open the folder “copy_these_folders”. Highlight the five sub-folders you’ll find, and copy them to…

   C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom\Motion

Use Instructions:

Access the animations via right-clicking on a character and choosing “Perform”. Or just drag-and-drop. The Wood Spirit has no animations (there were none).

All characters can also be animated via the Motion Edit option. But in most instances you can only navigate the skeleton via the skeleton tree, rather than by double-clicking on the characters themselves.

Some animations may need refining. I had a particular problem with one leg going rigid when packing more than one animation into the original Max files for FBX export. You can see this in the Stone Spirit walk cycle, for instance. The Night Spirit limbs intersect on some animations, and his whiskers fly around too much.

If you don’t like my division of the animations, then my original converted animation-bearing FBX files are included along with the required textures.


Add a glow map to the Fire Spirit, and use it against a dark background.

The Gibbai (aka Night Spirit) and Fire Spirit look best against dark backgrounds, which also helps prevent opacity fringing problems.

Add a glow map to the horns of the Wood Spirit.

The Wood Spirit is supposed to have a swirl of animated leaves around the tail/roots. Try adding a particle effect there.

These characters are very low poly, so you can have a crowd of them in a scene.

Extra, different, textures for some characters can be found in the textures folders. Drag and drop them onto the relevant character in iClone. You may need to slide their opacity map strength to zero after application.

With some colour changes to the Wood Spirit texture (which you’ll have to do yourself in Photoshop), the Wood Spirit could also become a Water/River Spirit.


Please give the Ryzom creatives a credit if you use any of these in your movie. All characters are Creative Commons and thus royalty-free, and in this case they can even be used in commercial or prize-winning competition films. They’re “sharealike”, so if anyone asks you for a copy of the character in your film, you should offer to freely share — please point them to this blog post.

Download here (28Mb, .zip file)

Click on the pictures for larger versions:




4 thoughts on “Earth Spirits for iClone pack

  1. I get an “error adding perform command” when I try to use the animations and I put the files exactly were you told. Any ideas why I’m having this problem? Thanks. And let me say that your blog really rocks. It’s amazing and updated frequently. It’s the best blog on the subject. Please keep up doing it. Cheers.

  2. Hi Jose. Are you sure you put the motions in the Custom folder and not the main folder? Try dragging and dropping them on the relevant character, instead. Does that work?

  3. Yes, I tried it and if I drag it in then it works, That’s great, but can’t use the right-click “perform” command. I don’t know why always give me the same error message. Thanks, anyway. Congratulations, once again, on this wonderful blog.

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