Whizzi Glow

My iClone conversion of the rigged Blender character “Wizard” by KillyOverdrive, which is Creative Commons Attribution on OpenGameArt. I’ve renamed her as “Whizzi Glow” for iClone…

Download here (12Mb, .zip file)

Very low-poly, at just 9,000 faces.

The texture map was not at all the same colour as shown in the OpenGameArt preview. So I recoloured it in Photoshop, and it ended up red. Since I couldn’t fully select the flesh areas, this had the interesting effect of leaving “blood spots n’ spats” on her hand. I also added a glow-map to the eyes. Textures are included, if you want to retexture.

In Motion Edit mode you have to navigate via the skeleton, which is rather unhelpfully named. But the bits you can rotate should light up, as you click down the skeleton. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add and save some basic motions (idle, turn head, nod, say yes, say no).

I’d say she’d go quite nicely with the free Braid backdrop

Given the licences on these two, you can even make a commercial animation using them.