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Composer Mark Morgan is kindly offering 24 tracks of his finest dark ambient music for free. The album is the music from the first two Fallout games, remixed and remastered in full-spectrum gorgeousness.

It also appears you’ll be OK to use the music, with a credit of course, in your personal non-commercial animations. Since the album’s Aural Network page says…

“This music is for non-commercial use only!”

It’s probably best to abide by the above statement, even though lists the album as “Creative Commons, no rights reserved”. There’s no licence information in the .zip file. You don’t want to be tangling with lawyers from Bethesda or Interplay or anyone else who thinks they own bits of the disputed early Fallout games.

If you’re looking for quality moody background music from a horror / thriller / eerie short, this is it. Or dungeon/monster scenes in a fantasy movie. There are also some sweeter tracks such as “Dream Town”, and a lot that would suit the “travelling” scenes in a downbeat road movie. Download from here (170Mb, .zip file).