Nomadic peoples pack

Newly appeared, as a time-limited freebie on the DAZ website, the Cheyenne Accessories pack. Ends 29th June 2010. The props are all low-poly and the largest is 31,000 faces. As well as for Westerns or historical epics, they should also work with a fantasy-themed movie and the free Ryzom props for iClone (which include an Indian-style wigwam) and the Sintel/Durian props…

A 4Mb download for the PC/Poser version (the only one that seems to contain the .obj files — if you don’t have Poser just install it to the free DAZ Studio). The props also come as 3DXchange-friendly .obj files, and you get…

* Big Bag
* Medium Bag
* Small Bag
* Digging Stick
* Pole
* Hoop

After install you’ll find the textures in…

C:\Users\Your_Name_Here\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio3\content\Runtime\textures\RD\CheyenneAcc

And (if you installed to DAZ Studio using the Poser installer) the .obj models are in…

C:\Users\Your_Name_Here\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio3\content\Runtime\Geometries\RD\AccCheyenne