SIGGRAPH 2010 winners

SIGGRAPH 2010 announces the winners of its computer animation festival. Big dogs such as 2012, Assassin’s Creed 2, God of War III all feature.

But there’s a lot of indie animations in there too. Including “Upgrades” by Anya Belkina of Emerson College. Sadly it’s not online, but the description sounds great fun…

“Upgrades” is a hilarious and breakneck-paced animated parody chronicling major upgrades in computer graphics software. Set to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Here’s “Making of Nuit Blanche” by Canadian Marc-Andre Gray, one of the very few indie prize-winners that have actually been let out in public…

Free clonebone character

Hurrah! I’ve learned how to do draggable selections in 3DXchange 4, and how to make a CloneBone figure with the resulting sections. I’ve CloneBone-d the 3D Warehouse “Robotic Diving Suit” from FiendCracker. I culled selected backfaces to bring the static model down from about 120,000 to a more manageable 70,000 faces, corrected some dodgy UV projections, and retextured several parts of it. I’ve also added standard iClone glow-map textures to all the glass areas. It has an interior, with a seat and buttons. Because it’s built on a clonebone base, the “Rustoid” should be able to take most stock iClone animations, but obviously some animations will look better than others. And yes, it does vaguely resemble the Big Daddy from BioShock — but it is sufficiently different.

Download here (17Mb, .zip file)

Creative Commons background photo by Jake von Slatt.

Sir Billi trailer, showing the animation

The first look at the animation for Scotland’s forthcoming first-ever indie animated feature-film Sir Billi, starring Sean Connery as the lead voice talent. Be warned that it looks like a videogame or sophisticated iClone machinima, rather than anything that’ll worry Pixar. But, assuming the story and voice/sound are both strong, it could still be fun to watch…