Muvizu’s next beta launches tomorrow

A few more snippets of news about the imminent release of the next Muvizu beta. It’s still on track for release tomorrow…

“we’re ready to release an updated version of the Muvizu application on Monday 28th June [that’s 2010, future readers]. We’re in final testing phases at the moment and it looks really, really good”

New functionality that hasn’t already been mentioned on myClone…

* camera features (including black and white, old movies, sepia, negative, shaking camera, CCTV, underwater and more!)

* a nifty little functionality that allows users to connect a camera to a spotlight which you can then use to project images/moving picture effects onto anything (think drive-in movies, the “Bat Signal” etc)

* … we’ve tidied up some morph targets on the mouth, so lipsynching is nicer

* we’ve done some big memory fixes too so the application should load in 30 seconds now (rather than the sometimes over 60 seconds it currently takes).

The loading issue may be system or O/S specific — it’s always seemed to load fairly quickly for me on Windows 7.

Martyn Gutteridge’s “Moon Morons”, released this week and made with Muvizu.