New Muvizu beta – now with fembot chests, fat girls, and furry costumes.

The new beta of Muvizu is out now, and available as a 478Mb download. For those who somehow haven’t heard of it, it’s a fab free 3D animation package built on the Unreal 3 game-engine. It needs a good gaming PC to run it.

The list of new features and fixes is here And yes, chaps — it now includes those all-important

“fembot accessories – chest objects” 🙂

However, these might not be quite as exiting (or as bouncy) as in your fevered imaginations…

…and I couldn’t possibly suggest how you might combine them with the new fat girls and furry animal costumes.

There’s no mention of this beta being time-bombed or crippled and — since I blocked the net on install and first launch — I’d say it doesn’t even need to “phone home” when installing or launching. The 1280 x 720px movie export is still in there.

This is a most generous gift to the indie 3D animation community, and the Muvizu team are to be congratulated not only for the great product that Muvizu is shaping up to be — but also for not tying the beta up in things like closed registrations, DRM, time-bombing, claiming royalties rights on a creator’s film, and similar corporate foolishness. The only slight limitation is the small Muvizu logo in the bottom-left of the screen, and the limited range of video compression codecs (which hasn’t been expanded by the new beta).

The new pre-built “Jungle” set, showing the new spotlight feature…

It doesn’t look like there’s any “new beta features” tutorial videos online yet, and there’s still no PDF manual for any of the betas (I’ll write one, if they want to pay me) — but they do have one new set-building speedrun video on YouTube today, made with the new beta. It shows off some of the new lighting capabilities and the new sports car…

One thought on “New Muvizu beta – now with fembot chests, fat girls, and furry costumes.

  1. This is a great application. I managed to produce my first little animation (“Introducing Hanz”, see it on YouTube now!) in a few hours.

    Not only is it great fun, and remarkably easy to use – it also helps you practice things like editing and camera shots very easily. Which can only help with your iClone movies.

    I would recommend everyone to download it, although I think it needs object interaction and customisable clothing to take it to the next level

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