Poser 7 for $50

Poser 7, is available from the owners for a mere $50. Complete with over 1,000 content assets. You’re probably going to be buying this just for the content — the free DAZ Studio can tap into and load from Poser‘s assets folder, and with the DAZ Game Kit you can then get Poser’s content into iClone in low-poly form with a little work. Although mainly a tool for making superb still images, if you can stand hours of rendering to get a few seconds of green-screen video for iClone then Poser could also be useful for that. It can also be useful for file-conversion purposes, and there have been times when it’s been the only application that’s worked properly at making a conversion for me. Poser has been resting on its laurels and subsequent releases haven’t really added a lot for non-professionals, so version 7 is a fine version to have. Unfortunately it’s a digital download version, so there’s no printed manual.

The class sketch

A newly-posted Muvizu short, explaining the British class system. The soundtrack is from 1968, and I guess these days they’d have to add a 4th “underclass” character.

Eight more free animals

Eight more free animals for DAZ/Poser! Convert for iClone using the DAZ Game Kit and 3DXchange 4 Pro. Including a finely textured sea-turtle and a good basic crow — both of which should be fairly easy to animate (as long as you don’t want the crow to flap its wings). The toon mouse is not the best model ever, and is probably difficult to animate fully, but it could be made useful for a head & shoulders shot in a “nightmare scene” with a few tweaks in iClone.

Of course, you can always green-screen them in the free DAZ Studio and then bring them into iClone via the popVideo Converter.