Poser 7 for $50

Poser 7, is available from the owners for a mere $50. Complete with over 1,000 content assets. You’re probably going to be buying this just for the content — the free DAZ Studio can tap into and load from Poser‘s assets folder, and with the DAZ Game Kit you can then get Poser’s content into iClone in low-poly form with a little work. Although mainly a tool for making superb still images, if you can stand hours of rendering to get a few seconds of green-screen video for iClone then Poser could also be useful for that. It can also be useful for file-conversion purposes, and there have been times when it’s been the only application that’s worked properly at making a conversion for me. Poser has been resting on its laurels and subsequent releases haven’t really added a lot for non-professionals, so version 7 is a fine version to have. Unfortunately it’s a digital download version, so there’s no printed manual.