Maximum Overkill

New freebie on DAZ, Maximum Overkill, featuring ridiculously oversized Unreal-style weaponry. The shapes look good, but the textures look very plain…

* Cluster Launcher (.CR2 & .OBJ)
* Launched Missile (.CR2 & .OBJ)
* Macro Gun (.PP2 & .OBJ)
* Tri Beam Cannon (.PP2 & .OBJ)

Cinema animation for 2010/11

Animation magazine’s guide to the animated movies of 2010/11. They work on U.S. cinema release dates, but I work on UK DVD release dates — so their 2010 list is only just becoming meaningful to me now.

I’m looking forward to…

* The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet is certainly on my DVD list, although his last film Triplets of Belville was forgettable. Set in 1950s Britain.

* How to Train Your Dragon. Of course.

* Clash of the Titans. The Metacritic reviews had a pretty even spread from good to bad, but I’m always partial to a bit of popcorn adventure entertainment with a big production spend. And it looks like an interesting mix of live action and animation. It probably helps that I’m currently half way through playing Titan Quest.

* Despicable Me sounds like a lot of fun, and looks good.

* The Borrower Arrietty is going to be the usual Studio Ghibli quality and style, but can Miyazaki san and his team be faithful to the classic British children’s novel without doing the Japanese thing and spiralling it out into a confused tangle of semi-unexplained plot lines?

* Cat Tale. Anything with cats has me at the word “cats”. It’s a cross-country romp, but can it possibly be as perfect as Bolt? It’s very doubtful. A marketing man’s idea of what cartoon cats should look like seems to have led to some naff character design. A huge roster of chart pop music shoehorned into it, and the collapse of the studio making it doesn’t bode at all well. I’d suspect these cats will turn out to be turkeys.

* Harry Potter and the Part 2,679,346. Nope, not watching this. I’m saving them all up for when the series of movies is eventually complete and they’re all out on DVDs as final director’s cuts. The same goes for the seemingly endless Chronicles of Narnia series.

* Tangled. The words “sassy modern send-up” instantly crossed it off my list. But then I read that that idea had been scrapped and they’re going to be faithful to the original story.

And I’m glad to see there’s an adaptation of the classic British graphic novel Ethel and Ernest in the works, even if it won’t make 2011.