DAZ Game Developer Kit

Those wanting the DAZ Game Developer Kit, but who left it too late to take advantage of the introductory special-offer (now expired), can still get the Kit for the discounted introductory price of $104.96 on the Reallusion website. You only really need the free version of DAZ Studio (latest or higher) to use it, so think twice about also buying DAZ Studio 3 Advanced. And don’t buy the kit if you don’t also have 3DXchange 4 Pro, since you need that as the second part of the pipeline to iClone. But for around $200 for both, you get access to a huge range of characters, sets and props from DAZ and Poser, many of which are low-cost or free.


I liked the mechanism behind the recent “Endearment” Valentine Day motions pack, where the motions worked for two synchronised characters. But if you thought it was too “lovey-dovey”, there’s now a new official pack out that takes the same approach, but for arguments. Arguments motions pack for iClone has 50 paired motions and 25 props.