50 percent off all Avatar Builder characters

50% off all iClone’s DIY Avatar Builder (aka Evolver) characters, until 8th August 2010. The cost appears to be a reasonable 2000 points ($20, about £13.50), for the type that can also do facial animation. I’m not sure if there are extras to buy which might bump up the price, but when it launched in January the cost was said to be $69 for a facial animation character. At $20, now might be the time to build a “digital you” or your dream character. Keep in mind that Reallusion’s ecommerce merchant service adds your local sales tax, which can be as high as 20% in some nations.

BotGirl Quest has a video speedrun of the character building process, and Reallusion also has a more measured tutorial/demonstration video.

Reallusion also has a useful chart showing the differences between Evolver/Avatar Builder characters and standard iClone characters. Note especially the loss of body morphs when bringing the character into iClone — it may still need tweaking to get it looking something like the character you made in the Avatar Builder.