3D World freebies

For those in the US who might be about to make a trek to their local Borders to check out a copy of the latest 3D World magazine, here’s the blurb on the “free DVD” page, about the iClone freebies…

I wonder why Reallusion is still giving away iClone 3 SE when there’s now an iClone 4 SE? My guess is that Magix has a period of exclusivity on iClone 4 SE, which is bundled with its video-editing software. I guess DVD space is tight, but could magazines also offer iClone 4 EX alongside 3 SE, for those who don’t have broadband?

Game Play

New York theatre mashes up theatre and videogames

“Eddie Kim’s Grand Theft Ovid uses machinima to adapt some of the ancient Roman playwright’s stories, while Theater of the Arcade, a collaboration between Arber and Jeff Lewonczyk, recasts stories from seminal old-school games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man into theatrical experiences.”