Two animated Ryzom creatures

Two new animated creatures from the Ryzom art assets, which were hanging around in my Custom folder. A “demon dog”, and a “sea sentinel” with a saddle. Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike. Many thanks to the Ryzom team.

Download here (1Mb, zip file)

Access the animations via right-clicking on a creatures and choosing “Perform”. If this doesn’t work, then drag and drop the motion onto the character. There’s only one animation per creature, but the creatures can also be animated via the Motion Edit option. However, you can only grab bits of the skeleton via the skeleton tree rather than by just double-clicking on the creatures’ body.

The Dog only looks good from one angle, due to a persistent FBX error which deformed the back-right ankle. Film it from this one angle (seen above), or hide the back ankles in some long grass or shadows.

The Sea Sentinel is not especially good, and I believe it was left out of the game. It could probably use some re texturing to add more detail, and could be a decorative accessory for my conversion of the Ryzom Floating Port.