Muvizu compilation

Muvizu clips together a 1:30 “best of” video, featuring all the best bits of the animations made with the beta version…

Maybe Reallusion could do something similar, with the entries for the iClone sci-fi competition?

One thought on “Muvizu compilation

  1. We’re really pleased that you continue to keep an eye on us, and that you posted our little trailer video. I’ve noticed that in some of your comments about Muvizu you speculate on things such as our business model – whether we’ll choke the program to death [with DRM] or charge for it, for instance.

    Given your interest, I’d be quite happy to conduct an interview for you – a Q&A via email or a Gmail chat thing or a phone call, if it would suit – should you consider that this may interest your readers.

    You may also visit us to see what we do here, if you like.

    Best regards,


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