Residential Space pack

A preview for the new “Interior Elements Vol. 2 : Residential Space” pack from Reallusion. It’s not yet on the store, it seems, but here’s the taster…

But — unless perhaps the pack comes with pre-built sets containing beautiful preset lighting — I wonder who would buy it just for the props? When Archive 3D has 10,000 such high-quality models for free? Some of which are high-poly, it’s true — but there are many that are of a more reasonable size.

48-hour Machinima Filmmaking Challenge

Fantastic Arcade’s 48-hour Machinima Filmmaking Challenge

“On Friday, 10th September 2010 at 7:00 PM CST, teams will assemble on their hybrid editing consoles/gaming platforms to compete in the first Fantastic Arcade Machinima filmmaking challenge. Each team will have just 48 hours to conceive, direct and edit a short film, four minutes or less in duration using your favorite video games!”