If you’re interested in the writer H.P. Lovecraft, I’ve started a new blog which I’ve been pump-priming over the last few days: Tentaclii. Scroll down the front page for 100+ freshly-found links, which have been categorised to provide a comprehensive up-to-date survey of ‘Lovecraft on the web’ in 2010. Tentaclii will only be an “occasional” blog, after the initial flurry of posts to get it started.

Blender 2.5 beta

The first beta of the Blender 2.5 line is out now. This is the version that made Sintel, which has just wrapped up production. Once I have it downloaded and installed I’ll be able to tell if there are changes to the import/export — especially the FBX support.

Concept art for the Sintel dragon.