If you’re interested in the writer H.P. Lovecraft, I’ve started a new blog which I’ve been pump-priming over the last few days: Tentaclii. Scroll down the front page for 100+ freshly-found links, which have been categorised to provide a comprehensive up-to-date survey of ‘Lovecraft on the web’ in 2010. Tentaclii will only be an “occasional” blog, after the initial flurry of posts to get it started.

3 thoughts on “Tentaclii

  1. I haven’t paid much attention to Lovecraft, but I get this nagging feeling I’m missing out on some real fun. I just happen to live in a city which has apparently dedicated itself to Lovecraft. ;={>

    Are you interested in doing a Lovecraftian short? I could actually imagine the iClone community collaborating on such a venture, if it were produced to high standards. What’s more, I could even imagine *my* participation.

  2. Hi Mitch. Great idea, and Lovecraft is all out-of-copyright (no matter what Arhkam House claims) as long as you don’t use Joshi’s edited and corrected texts or more than “fair use” chunks of Lovecraft’s letters. However, as to a group effort – I’m already working on my own Lovecraft short, and that really should be the focus of my efforts for the future.

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