Sculptris + ZBrush

The innovative free 3D sculpting tool Sculptris is to be merged with ZBrush. The developer and owner of Sculptris has been enticed to go to work with the ZBrush guys, so we should be seeing some amazing things from ZBrush 5. But I expect you’ll have to pay for it — so grab the free edition of Sculptris while you can. In the meantime, ZBrush 4 for Win and Mac is…

“to be released imminently on 8/9/10.”


Prof. Null has a nice new “Steam Carriage” (Randolph, 1872) for free on Blendswap. It’s not texture mapped yet, which is why it looks like a toy. But no doubt a few nice copper and green-paint textures, and some wheel rotators, could have it puffing along nicely in an iClone steampunk short.

It comes out of Blender as a 160,000 face model, which is too much for iClone except for a very simple scene — so it may be best to remove a lot of interior detailing before/after export.