Floating buildings

Have a hankering to get into architectural CG rendering? Like futuristic and unusual buildings? There’s a challenge for you, asking you to envisage “floating” or “hanging” buildings, but these must be within the realms of the architecturally possible. Hover gives you the free 3D models in .obj and 3D Warehouse format, and asks you to…

“start your design and later adding your own elements to it. There will be no limit of size or function, and much like in the previous challenge, the context is totally up to you. You can create a small house hovering over an ocean facing cliff, suspended from trees deep into the jungle or smack in middle Manhattan protruding from one of the skyscrapers…”


Fantasia by Peter Eramian, a cut-up film…

It’s been on YouTube for five months and has been seen by just 84 people. Just goes to show how little attention quality content gets these days, even online and free.


Nursoda has added three new rigged models over the Summer. He’s one of the best creators on the Renderosity store. I especially like the look of the Kon stone, it looks very suitable for making a modern version of one of those weirdly surreal 1970s Eastern European animations. They’re DAZ Studio models, but those who have 3DXchange 4 Pro and the DAZ Game Developer Kit can get them into iClone with animations.

“Writing an Animated Comedy” workshop

If you’re in the middle bit of the British Isles, the Light House at Wolverhampton (known for high quality training and animation festivals) has a one-day “Writing an Animated Comedy” scriptwriting workshop…

“participants will look at comedy writing for animation. The workshop will be run by Myles McLeod, the writing half of the award winning animation duo, the Brothers McLeod, who have produced comedy animation for the likes of CBBC, MTV, Channel 4 and Aardman Animations. “

Thurs 4th Nov 2010, 10am – 4pm. Cost £25 + VAT tax.

FilmCamp Glasgow

If you’re in the central bit of Scotland (British Isles) then FilmCamp Glasgow (28th September 2010) looks like a digital film event you should attend…

* The Moving Image Landscape in Scotland
* Digital Arts and Gaming
* “It’s more affordable, but…” (affordable marketing tools)
* Changing Audiences in the Digital World
* Moving Image and the Internet

The folks from Muvizu will be giving a short presentation, and manning a stand.

Bryce 6.3 for free

I hadn’t realised that the 3D landscape-rendering grand-daddy Bryce 5.5 is freeware (online registration required). Just keep in mind it’s five-year old software, dating back to 2005 when Bryce was finally rescued by DAZ from stagnation in the evil clutches of Corel Corp. But if you’ve only got an old hand-me-down PC, it’s free and it’ll run. A somewhat more up-to-date version of Bryce (v6.3, Nov 2006 — intro’d HDRI lighting) is being given away free on the cover-DVD of the forthcoming edition of 3D World magazine #135 (Nov 2010), which should be in the shops in the UK in about a week…

Personally, if you just want pretty 3D landscapes to use as backdrops for your non-profit video, then I’d suggest using FRAPS to grab screenshots from a videogame where the interface is such that it allows you to remove/crop-out all or most of the interface clutter.

Brooklyn 1859

A 17 second animated titles test, from Paumanok West…

Lovely silhouette work, but to my eye the “1859” pops in just a fraction too quickly.

Talking of the Whitman project, I hear that iClone 5 is definitely going to have toon cel-shading.

Free music from Happier Birds

I’ve acquired some new music software, and have made a little E.P. for readers of MyClone. Happier Birds E.P. is a set of five complex seamless “neverending” looping-tracks, for free use in animations and films.

01.  Railroad Builders.
02.  The Happier Birds.
03.  Rainy Day Arrival.
04.  Pullit Up.
05.  On the Midnight Plane.

Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-alike. Thanks for the Creative Commons cover photo to: doug88888.


Built a “micro-landscape” model set, and want to use it as your video backdrop in iClone? But how do you get it all in focus, without the expensive Helicon Focus software?

Foreground and background are blurred — CombineZP can cure that.

CombineZP is freeware (latest version, June 2010) that can take between ten and twenty macro photos of your backdrop set, each with a different bit of the set in focus. It then automatically stitches all the in-focus bits into one picture, sharply in focus.

Tutorial in Flickr.