Free music from Happier Birds

I’ve acquired some new music software, and have made a little E.P. for readers of MyClone. Happier Birds E.P. is a set of five complex seamless “neverending” looping-tracks, for free use in animations and films.

01.  Railroad Builders.
02.  The Happier Birds.
03.  Rainy Day Arrival.
04.  Pullit Up.
05.  On the Midnight Plane.

Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-alike. Thanks for the Creative Commons cover photo to: doug88888.

3 thoughts on “Free music from Happier Birds

  1. I like the French horns on Railroad Builder. Horn is my favorite instrument, and these sound great. I also like the children’s choir on Rainy Day Arrival–soaring and natural sounding! Thank you. Now I have to D/L your bigger collection!

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