Synfig 0.62 is

“a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based open-source 2D animation software package”

Not an especially impressive gallery, and I’m not sure how easy it is to learn — but it’s free and it might be useful for making low-overhead minimally-animated backgrounds, once iClone 5 gets cel-shading.

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  1. The next iClone with cel shading – this is exactly what I am waiting for to start using iClone as a main tool. But, I can’t find any info about what kind of cel shader, when will this happen, nothing…

    Can you give us more information about this?


  2. It was on the Wolf & Dulci Show, about maybe eight shows ago. They were interviewing someone from Reallusion, and he said that the next version would definitely do cel-shading in version 5. When version 5 will come out is anyone’s guess. My guess would be Q2 2011.

  3. Thanks, Borrowind. Good news. (it will be even better if iClone5 come out next month, tomorow or this evening…:))

  4. I think we can assume that the usefulness of Synfig is directly proportional to the amount of decent animation being created by its users, and sorry, but I’m skeptical whether “awesome” is the word we’re looking for. If you want to produce toon backgrounds for a future iClone, I recently found the real deal: Topaz Simplicity. Granted, it’s painterly-stylized rather than vector-stylized, but then so was the so-called Golden Age of animation. If you just want to do vectors, then Adobe Illustrator or possibly Flash is your ticket–or you can make more painful progress using Inkscape.

  5. Topaz Simplify I think you mean. But I was thinking of partially animated backgrounds, rather than static mattes. Vectors might give you more leeway for having some elements of the background animated in a fairly easy and seamlessly-blended manner.

  6. BW, of course you are right about the need for vector backgrounds for many animations, as well as animatable background elements. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Since we exchanged comments on this, of course, the earth shook and Reallusion announced CrazyTalk Animator. What do you think about vectors now? Do you anticipate dumping vector graphics to alpha PNGs and animating them with CTA? (Or do you suppose CTA can animate vectors, since it supports Flash input?)

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