Two new previews for CT Animator

Two new previews for CrazyTalk Animator

Full-body fitting is only available in the Pro version (as yet un-priced) which should be out by the end of November. Here’s the features grid…

In the Forums yesterday, officially…

“all existing Crazytalk 6 users will be offered an upgrade to Crazytalk Animator Pro at a good discount through their account”

So it seems that Crazytalk Animator is essentially Crazy Talk 7, although not named as such? Confusing.


One thought on “Two new previews for CT Animator

  1. Is is CT7 or not? – Peter Edwards has suggested on the Reallusion forum that CT will live on as a separate piece of software.

    What would be interesting to know is if the next version of Iclone will incorporate CTA features as it eventually did for CT

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