Amazon Studios, not your usual film competition

Amazon has a new $2.7 million pot for those who submit the best films and film scripts to it in 2011. The new venture is Amazon Studios. There’s no rush — you have all of 2011 to make your submissions, as an original script form or a full-length ‘test’ movie. Now a ‘test’ movie doesn’t mean a three-second iClone render of a dancing dork. It has to be 70 minutes or longer, and you…

“must include imaginative stories with great acting and sound [but] they don’t need to have theatrical-quality production value”

Warner Bros. Pictures is lined up to be the first to cherry-pick from the best projects for real pre-production projects — if that happens then you get $200,000 up-front for the rights, with a $400,000 bonus to those whose movies take more than $60 million in the US box office. That’s on top of the prize money.

There’s no mention that I could find that animation is (or isn’t) allowed.

New Eve character-creation module

An article on the stunning new face of the character-creation module at the PC MMO Eve Online, one of the prettiest space-sims. As someone who’s currently starting to read through the immense Xeelee series of science fiction novels and stories (similar to Eve: deep space exploration; free trade; human colonisation of the galaxy), Eve is a game I’d love to visit, but… i) it has a learning-curve steeper than the face of Mount Everest, and ii) it has a miserly 14-day free trial, and then a monthly fee to play it. I’d love a ‘virtual tourist’ / ‘play acting’ edition of games like this, where you could just tootle around gawping at the sights and indulging in a little virtual role-playing/acting by stepping into a NPC or two for the benefit of the hardcore players.

Also a video of the new face of the character-creation module: