CrazyTalk Animator 1.0 now available.

Now available, the new CrazyTalk Animator from Reallusion…

Pro has a list price of $179.95, or $249.95 for a bundle with the Power Tools content. Significantly too expensive, I’d say, in the current financial climate — even if the big bundle does also come with WidgetCast 2 Pro.

However, as a current owner of Crazy Talk Pro 6 I do get a special offer on CrazyTalk Animator Pro — I can get it for $89.98 until 31st Dec 2010, which is much more of an acceptable price. But don’t forget that Reallusion’s ecommerce vendor will add your local sales tax to that. That’s currently 19% extra in the UK (yeah, I know VAT is only 17.5%, but that’s what Digital River adds), which would bring my price to about £73.50.

Standard has a more reasonable list-price of $49.95. And my special offer on that, once I’m logged in, is a mere $24.98 ($29.35 after tax).

The comparison chart for Pro and Standard is here. Standard is missing the following features:

* Full-body photo fitting (video demo and detailed tutorial)

* Composer system – custom body parts (video demo)

* Advanced puppeteering control (demo video)

* Custom puppeteering profile

* Custom sprite animation

* Custom Facial motion

Timeline features missing are:

* Advanced timeline editing

* Save custom motion clips from timeline (collect clip)

* Full Timeline Sub-track Controls (detailed tracks for body segments)

* Group/ungroup motion clip for advanced key-editing

+ Standard owners don’t get “Access to Developer Whitepaper for Content Design”.