Foggy CrazyTalk Animator project file

A reworking of the CrazyTalk Animator forest campsite scene for a more eerie scene, with a mist layer (the dirt layer with colour alteration and opacity lowered) and low rolling animated mist (the animated clouds from the z-depth camera demo)…

Download (3mb, .zip file)


3 thoughts on “Foggy CrazyTalk Animator project file

  1. Borrowind

    Very decent of you to be making these, thank you.

    I already own Iclone Pro and am a keen Muvizu user. Assuming you have CTA and taking into account that the differences in the look of the output I was wondering how you would rate CTA in comparison with Muvizu. Appreciate you have not really had the time to fully evaluate.



  2. I’d suspect that CTA was made to try to counter Muvizu, although the cost of CTA means they’re not directly comparable. If it was me I might have given away CTA Standard for free for the first year, so as to build a user base and to compete with Muvizu. But I’m not sure that Reallusion are in a position to do that at present. CTA is more flexible. You could create quite a radically arty shadow-puppet style with CTA, if you wanted. Or surrealist Monty Python -style animated cutouts. Not sure you’d get the same effect with Muvizu – it’s kind of focussed on one ‘look’. I’m planning on getting to know both a lot better over Xmas. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you filming a set with FX in Muvizu, putting it into video, and then using CTA or even iClone to add the characters over the Muvizu background.

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