Sintel for iClone – part two

A few props from the open movie Sintel. Regrettably most of the models / scenes in the assets archive are too high-poly or too low-poly (just basic placeholders), or else 3DXchange refuses to convert them. I did manage to convert and texture one of the hyenas, but then on use in iClone I found it wouldn’t do Motion Edit. So all you get, after all the waiting… is a huge cave-complex done in just 72k faces, plus a few extra props. It’s the dragon cave in Sintel. I’ve very roughly textured it with some old Ryzom textures, so that someone who wants to properly re-texture it can see what they’re doing. It’s contained in a ready-lit and ready-flooded iClone project file. The cave is a little blocky in places, but you might get around that with better textures and/or camera angles and lighting/fog. Also in the pack are some rather nice broken crates for the entrance, and 2D cut-outs of the moon and some Spanish Moss.

Download (12Mb, .zip file). Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

Possibly the three blocky “chess piece” stalactites were meant to be textured as plant-like growths?

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