D&D webcomic competition – CG accepted

Have a hankering to do some Dungeons & Dragons -style comics with iClone and Photoshop? Or perhaps even with iClone and Reallusions’s Widgetcast? TheArtOrder is on the hunt

Dungeons & Dragons wants to do some web comics. And when I say some, I really mean a bunch of ‘em. I’m on the hunt for artist/writers that want to create web comics for the Dungeons & Dragons brand. [starting] around March or April [2011] depending upon how quickly I can get artists working and get some pieces in the can. I’m shooting for running 3 strips a week initially, and depending upon the response maybe we’ll notch it up later in the year.

What I’m looking for:

* Single & multi-panel comic (1-3 panels)
* Animated comics (Flash)
* Black & White or color
* Traditional or digital

I’ve got $200 per comic to spend, and I’m looking to rock the web.

A great example of a comic suitable for a big widescreen PC monitor… from the free The Guns of Shadow Valley by Dave Wachter and James Clark, lettering by Thomas Mauer…