Seatraveler in iClone

Model: Seatraveler (just $22 at Renderosity), reduced to 222,000 faces by removing interior parts and some spars before converting for iClone with 3DXchange. You might reduce her further in size by taking the sails off, and then later replacing with iClone’s animated cloth so that they flap with the wind.

Background: My own photo.

Sea: Five standard/stock “bed” (Cloth H) 3D surfaces, variously tilted and partly flattened.

Sea textures: Ryzom texture pack “Misc. Alpha Noise” textures, with dark blue/black sea colouring added in ‘Diffuse Color’ and opacity tweaked.

Sea spray: My Ryzom 2D pack‘s ‘spray’ and ‘splash’, self illuminated and opacity reduced.

Sea mist: My Ryzom 2D pack‘s cut-out fog layer, opacity reduced.

Sun rays: My Ryzom 2D pack‘s ‘god rays’.

Lighting preset: sea-adapted variant of my Epic Mountain Castle light preset. Moved one of the spotlights into the rigging and turned it blue, to match the light in the background photo.

‘3D de-crisping’ overlay image layer: ‘Sky Scaled 01’ image from my Sintel ‘Mattes and Domes’ pack – with opacity much reduced.

Photoshopping: Almost 100% iClone — just used Photoshop to take out some fly-away sail-lines that didn’t link to anything because I’d removed some side-projecting spars before importing; tidy up a few wave/sky hairlines; and a little blurring on the stern and top-most spar-tip of the ship.