Cinema for the CG Lighting challenge

A new CG Lighting Challenge is now on, with another great free scene as an .obj or an .fbx file. The theme is Matinee, and the model by Dan Konieczka is a complete cinema. Deadline: April 3rd 2011.

Unfortunately the model supplied is stupendously huge at 880,000 polys. So for those who want to enter the contest using iClone I’ve used Meshlab to drop it to a mere 90,000 faces. Apart from removing the exterior walls of the cinema, the process doesn’t appear to have damaged the model. I’ve textured the seats with a Creative Commons texture from the Sintel pack. Packaged as an iClone project file with my lighting preset to serve as a starting point.

Download here (6Mb, .zip file)

iClone freebies page updated

Freebies page updated. I’ve added all the freebies I’ve made since the freebies page was reworked in July 2010:

Tron for iClone: pack one; pack two; pack three and a Tron matte

Steampunk Spider (animated)

Sci-fi Greebles

Future airships

See-thru curtain for iClone

Robot with walk-cycle (animated)

Sintel props and scenes pack for iClone (with useful moon cut-out).

Sintel textures and mattes pack

Medieval Executioner for iClone (rigged)

Lizard Man for iClone (rigged)

Shark (rigged)

Alien Gun-Ship

Steampunk door

George Pal’s Time Machine for iClone

Five free ‘soundtrack’ music loops by me