“It never rains but it pours”

Mitch Gould of General Picture (the Walt Whitman film) has very kindly offered his new “stylised rain” iClone project to MyClone readers, for a limited time (since he intends to sell it as stock). It’s intended to be suitable for producing a video clip that can then be loaded into an alpha channel.

For those who just want a quick scene, I’ve also remixed three variants of my own, toning down the glow and mixing it with iClone’s stock rain in order to give more of a sense of depth to the standard rain.


Remix 1

Remix 2

Remix 3

How to get it? It’s available from me by email until Sunday midnight (that’s British time, or about Sunday teatime in the USA). Leave a comment on this post, with an email address — and I’ll email you the pack as an 800kb .zip file.

4 thoughts on ““It never rains but it pours”

  1. This blog is such a great resource for machinima, and you guys are incredibly generous. I’d certainly like to try your rain freebie. Thanks.

  2. Well as I said, following Borrowind’s example, this should be a tiny gift back to the community without restrictions (I won’t be selling it). Also this: there is a stock rain particle in iClone which loads a separate particle file for doing raindrop splashes. You can split that part off as a separate custom particle and then use this stylized rain with nice ground splashes. However, note that the position of my custom rain is not located near the position of the splashes, so you would have to do considerable trial and error adjustments to get them to show up in the same camera view. Glad folks like this! 🙂

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