Graveyard construction kit for iClone

p0ss has kindly had a go at texturing Savinos’s untextured graveyard / cemetery pack and posted the results on OpenGameArt. He’s included bump-maps. I’ve converted these props for iClone, rescaled and centred, and applied both texture maps to each. To this set of very low-poly models, I’ve then added some equally very low-poly graveyard models, plus a few higher-poly accessories and a 2D full-moon from Sintel. Full credits in the pack.

Download here (25Mb, .zipfile)

What’s the pickling jar there for? Use your imagination. Are your heroes out to catch some poisonous fireflies? Do they have the pickled heart of an ancient miser whose body lies in the tomb? Do they just have some pickles with them to sustain them on a lonely moonlight vigil in the churchyard, and from which some small point of humour might arise to break the tension? Is it stuffed full of garlic cloves to ward off vampires?


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