How to schedule recording of Wolf & Dulci outside the USA

UPDATE: Argh! It doesn’t work. The first test-run recorded five hours of silence. I found that the Mixer controls are greyed out. I tried setting the programme to run in Admin mode (nothing changes). Then in XP Compatability mode (some basic Mixer options then become available). But neither change will get the programme recording anything other than silence from an internet radio stream.

I found an alternative: Screamer Radio with the Screamer Menu scheduler addon. Both are freeware.

Wolf and Dulci’s 100th hour of the show, coming up! Hurrah! But… how to record it if you’re in the UK or some other place with a big time-difference? Sure, you could gulp down the coffee and stay up all night. But I’ve tracked down a little bit of freeware that should do the job, thanks to Nestor Dave on Social Life, who helped me cut through a fog of crapware that either didn’t have scheduling or didn’t let you add your own radio station…

1) Download Radio & MP3 Player. Install, making sure to un-tick a couple of naff toolbar options. We just want the player and recorder. It’s free and has no ads or time-limit.

2) Launch, and look at the tabs on the bottom. Switch from the “MP3 Player” to the “Radio and Recording” tab.

3) Go to File | “Show My Stations”. Then go to the “My Stations” tab and click the “Add New” button.

4) Now paste in the TMOA stream link, and name the new station TMOA.

5) Now click through to the “Schedule Recordings” tab, next to the “My Stations” tab. Here you can schedule records, and have them repeat on the same time and day each week.

Set the time a few hours either side to account for time differences and also for UK or European daylight-saving. Here I’ve set it to the UK times of 1am to 5am, so as to be sure to record the show, and get Ken’s cool music either side too.

Note that you can tick the “Regularly” box to have it record at the same time on the same day every week. Note also that if you’re in the UK or Europe, you have to choose Tuesday, not Monday. Since we’re around six or seven hours ahead of the USA, and so will have slipped into Tuesday morning by the time the show is broadcast.

6) Now load up the TMOA radio stream thus. It’ll probably say “stopped”, unless you’re listening at a time TMOA is playing. Now you just start up the Radio & MP3 Player on a Monday evening, go to bed — and hopefully by the morning, it’ll have recorded the show.