i can haz doodles?

Meowdoodle, a new blog on designers/illustrators and their cat illustrations.

If you’d like to run up a few of your own, using iClone, there’s the free iClone Klone Cat. And I recently found two new textures for it…

1) A nice free Bobcat texture here for DAZ Studio from 2001, that still works and looks superb in DAZ. It’s actually on a rigged character model, but regrettably 3DXchange repeatedly chokes on the .fbx conversion. Still, the texture is quite nice, and it fits the free iClone Klone Cat perfectly.

2) The second texture is Lyne’s free Tabby Cat texture which again will fit the free iClone Klone Cat perfectly.

For both of these textures, just make sure you load the texture into the main skin (pzr-fx-fur), and not the eyes which are first on the Klone Cat’s skin/materials list. Don’t apply the bump map for the Bobcat texture, since that repeatedly crashes iClone for some unknown reason.

If you want a more stylised look, there’s the Content Paradise styled Halloween cat for $5.99, which you can export from DAZ as an .fbx with the Game Kit. And also for DAZ, the various Millennium Cats, of course.