CTA patches to v1.1

A new 1.1 patch for CrazyTalk Animator, just released.

As well as some fixes, here are the new/enhanced features…

Added: Layer editing in Scene Manager.

Added: Save motion option with custom layer key.

Added: Multiple props selection with merge function.

Added: Flexibility on project timeline editing. Able to delete or insert frames into a Project.

Added: Able to scale the window size for Face and Body Fitting.

Added: New connection points to a character for auto snapping when exchanging content.

Enhanced: Action Menu Editor with full editing features including; add, remove, rename and sort.

Enhanced: Better Performance on Switching Modules such as; Key Editor, Face/Motion Puppet, Character Composer and Load Project.

Enhanced: SWF file compatibility.

This latter one is explained in this new YouTube video, including a very handy first half that explains how to make a basic rotating wheel using Flash, then export it…

And here’s how to collect clip to export (i.e.: save in the library) and name motions you’ve made…