Earth and Moon for iClone

Planet Earth, and the Moon, as an iClone project file. Earth and Moon model by Mr Planet. Starfield background from Zaigee, Creative Commons. Faint atmosphere: iClone glow-mapped primitive. Less than 10k.

Download here


9 thoughts on “Earth and Moon for iClone

  1. Hey this looks great and I really need it for a project im working on. Problem is, I cant get it to work. I downloaded it and tried to open it in iclone 4 but it says it could not load the object or somthing to that effect. I tried to download it again but that site your hosting it on wont let me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Yup, I did. I also tried opening it with the iClone on my laptop and on my main workstation, both did the same thing. When I try to download it again it just says “different IP”.

    • Yup I put it in that folder. Still doesnt work.

      The error is in a box titled “iclone reminder”

      Message is: ” Failed to load the file. If this is a .vns file please switch to the Project page and try again.”

      This happens on the project page when I try to open the file from the custom project folder as well as when I open the file all other ways.

    • Reinstalled iClone. File is working now. Sorry, guess the problem was somewhere on my side. Thanks for the great file. Helped me a lot!

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