Reallusion bundles Serif Drawplus X4

Reallusion is now bundling Serif Drawplus X4 with some CrazyTalk Animator bundle offers. X4 (not to be confused with the old v4 from 2003) has become the affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator with its latest release, both in cost ($50 + local sales tax, if you own CrazyTalk Animator) and the time it’ll take you to learn it (months, not 10 years). There’s a positive review of X4 by the respected UK magazine PC Pro.

A very clear tutorial on auto-tracing and then cleaning up photos in X4…

Photos like this are probably going to have too many shapes for efficient use in CTA. But a simpler shape, photographed against white paper, should do fine.

And there are many more tutorials at its YouTube channel.

Just keep in mind that there’s something missing from X4 that’s a massive deal-breaker — it lacks anything like the Smart Fill in CorelDRAW or the Live Paint Bucket in Illustrator (for Photoshop users: that’s roughly the same thing as the “make a selection and fill with it a colour from the paintbucket”). It seems crazy that DrawPlus has got so far without this vital tool…