Smoothing models in 3DXchange

Awesome, I’d never realised that 3DXchange has a smoother for models! Thanks to Paumanok West for pointing it out on the forums!

How to smooth a model in 3DXchange 4:—

1. Use the eyedropper to select the part of the model you want to smooth.
2. Scroll up to the top of the Modify panel.
3. Find the section marked Normal. Tick “weld vertex”
4. Press “Auto Smooth”.

Here’s a comparison between smoothing done in 3DS Max and smoothing done in 3DXchange. 3DXchange has the advantage here, in that it’s (miracle!) keeping all the textures and opacity maps. Running the model through 3DS Max means the textures have to be applied later by hand, with inconsistent opacity results (look at the eyelashes). The 3DXchange smoothing, on the other hand, doesn’t quite get the nose and mouth right at the default setting of 45 — I had to push it 65 to get acceptable results…

Quorra, no smoothing:

Quorra, 3DS Max smoothing:

Quorra, 3DXchange smoothing set at 45 (visible creases on nose and mouth):

Quorra, 3DXchange with smoothing set at 65 (much better):


2 thoughts on “Smoothing models in 3DXchange

  1. Una importante actuación a tener en cuenta. Muchas gracias por este aporte.

    An important action to be taken into account. Thank you very much for this contribution.

  2. May I borrow your Quorra model by any chance + her textures? I will forever be in your debt!

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