The Veldt by Ray Bradbury

Here’s the public-domain 1955 version of the X Minus One radio adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s famous science-fiction story “The Veldt”. But I’ve radically trimmed it to just 5:46 minutes from 30 minutes, thus making it much more feasible to animate. Yet the story still makes sense.

Download here.

I started to plan and make this for the 2010 iClone Sci-Fi Competition, but — not being familiar with faces and dialogue in iClone — it was probably a poor choice given that I was only a few months into learning iClone at that point. I also chose the wrong set, my own home-brew DAZ conversion from the pre-Decimator era — which had a two-room setup that proved a devil to light in the way I wanted. Then I got hung up on not being able to find convincing low-key futuristic costumes (I planned to have an intro explaining that ‘the nursery’ was on a generational starship — if you follow that idea then you may need to snip the audio further, removing references to the ‘house’). And so it never really got underway, despite a good deal of planning. Some rough draft sets…

If someone wants to make this, then feel free.

A couple of free resources that might help in the making of it in iClone, if you were so minded:

Teen Boy & Girl

Far Cry 2 level editor into which I was planning to composite green-screen of the $10 DAZ Millennium Big Cats.