Official MS Kinect driver details

Details are emerging of Microsoft’s official Kinect drivers development kit. They’ll be available for Windows 7 users “later this spring” to “academics and enthusiasts”. The drivers will convey “depth data” and have “two-person skeletal tracking”. This last feature — if we get Kinect compatibility with iClone 5 in September, and if jitter-smoothing can be satisfactorily cracked — might enable the creation of dual motion-files that work together for two iClone characters.


Intel’s graphics-card on a chip

Intel is heavily touting the top-range version of its new integrated-graphics chips, the HD Graphics 3000. It’s supposed to be as good as a graphics card, but built into the central Intel processor. So will it enable gamers to eBay your expensive Nvidia graphics card? It seems not, according to NotebookCheck’s review and benchtest. Intel’s offering is better than previous ‘onboard graphics’ motherboard-based solutions, but not by much…

“Our performance tests with the high clocked mainstream version of the HD Graphics 3000 in quad-core processors showed a performance level on par with the current entry level generations from NVIDIA (e.g. GeForce 310M)”

The GeForce 301M is currently a budget $100 card, and it first appeared in 2009. NotebookCheck’s review of it ended by saying of the 310M… “not recommended for serious gamers.” However, the HD Graphics 3000 CPU might be marginally better than existing solutions, for those who want to run iClone on a laptop?