The Legend of Ignaqua

The Legend of Ignaqua (with English subtitles) by Jean-Christophe Druez. All facial animation done with Crazy Talk…



Official Samaritan real-time story demo of the new version of the Unreal videogame engine…

Just bear in mind that it currently takes three Nvidia graphics cards to render this in real-time. But at the current pace of card development, in two years this may be playing on a single graphics card.

Free HTML5 animation creator/editor

IBM is giving away its HTML5 authoring suite, Maquetta. They’ve made it Open Source, and handed it over to a foundation to administer. HTML5 is the increasingly-amazing open source javascript-based alternative to Flash. You need to register to get your free copy of Maquetta. Apparently it produces cross-platform / cross-browser code for its HTML5 animations and widgets.