iPiSoft 30-day trial with iClone export

Have a Microsoft Kinect and a hankering to create iClone motion-capture files with it? iPiSoft currently has a 30-day trial demo of their iPi Studio, with functional Kinect -> iClone export. An iClone iPisoft tutorial for iClone export is available here. It seems fairly straightforward…

For those without a Kinect, there doesn’t yet appear to be an online archive of free Kinect mo-cap sessions that you could download and use with iPiSoft. In fact, I’m not sure it’s even possible to archive the raw data capture like that.

Talking of character animation, there’s a free script to automate breathing of a Poser character. It works by adjusting the dials on body parts, so there may be a possibility that the animation loop will then be able to be ported to iClone via an .fbx export of a character?