Second pack of lighting presets for iClone

Presenting my second pack of iClone Light presets. 26 lighting setups to serve as “quick-starts” for lighting your scenes. Creative Commons Non-commercial Attribution ShareAlike (applies to this pack and its iLight files only, not to the films or stills you make with its help). Just copy the folder of lighting presets into C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom\Light\

Download here (400kb)

(See also: the first MyClone lights pack)


Real-time animation on the PS2

Turkey has a vibrant and strong fine-arts and media-tech-arts scene, possibly partly because the country has such an ugly and censorious government — gritty “rock or die” environments often produce the best art. The latest evidence of the scene in Turkey is this video of some home-brewed PS2 real-time animation kit from Nerdworking…