Is there a gap in the 3D CG magazine market?

The last three editions (inc. the most current) of 3D World have been distinctly moving in a very “hardcore” direction. Its rival 3D Artist magazine seems to be heading in the same direction. I’m wondering if there’s a gap in the market for a serious project-based magazine in the 3D World style, but one that focusses only on the mid-range software that is sneered at by the elite 3D gurus — DAZ / Poser / iClone / Muvizu / Cararra / SketchUp / Bryce / free game development software etc. Possibly in virtual “download free-and-ad-supported” form? If the publishers of the software could get together and book a guaranteed paid full-page ad in each issue, then there may be someone who could then be paid to take on the publishing of a bi-monthly PDF edition and also someone else who would undertake to drum up further advertising on a commission basis? There’s 3D Hobby of course, which seems like a fledgling attempt at addressing that market — but to me it’s too Poser oriented and doesn’t appear to have the sort of the professional polish, editorial nouse, and frequency that the British publishers can bring to magazines.


4 thoughts on “Is there a gap in the 3D CG magazine market?

  1. I think there is a gap and I would definitely buy it… but whether the gap is big enough to make it profitable…?

    I don’t buy any of the current magazines for the very reason that you state — the vast majority of the content is of no use to me as I use Muvizu/iClone/CTA etc

  2. Very astute and surprising observation–one that hadn’t occurred to me. I would love to see a magazine devoted to iClone, Poser, Daz, and Moviestorm, and to the satellite pro packages that serve for development of assets such as Max and ZBrush. Cinema 4D might also belong in this company. Other advertisers would include Sybex, Focal Press, and other tech publishers and training companies. And don’t forget Adobe. And certainly don’t forget the hardware vendors for digital content creation! Two reservations: it would have to be much less pricey than the 3D magazines you reference. And also it would have to find just the right balance between catering to newbie-hobbyists and providing solid red meat for the addicts. (If I NEVER see another digital dragon in my life it will be too soon!) The ideal editor? Yourself, perhaps? 🙂

  3. “it would have to be much less pricey than the 3D magazines you reference”

    Ad-supported. So it might be free as PDF download, with a print-on-demand “at cost” version by for those who want print. The only major costs would be the editor’s time and expenses, as the ad booker/chaser would work for commission. It might be done that way on as little as £10,000 a year – spread across ten companies, that’s a mere $1,500 each per year – far less that one quarter-page ad in 3D World, I’d guess (without looking up their rate-card). Then there’s the potential for classifieds and AdWords-like ads. Not sure if it would actually make money, but as I envisage it the primary reason for doing it would be to boost the fan-bases and provide a focus and a host of cross-selling opportunities.

    “(If I NEVER see another digital dragon in my life it will be too soon!)”

    Sorry about my most recent video. I was going for the populist vote! (I now realise it was probably the wrong idea for appealing to the po-faced Vimeo crowd) 🙂 iPad2… wantz!

    “The ideal editor? Yourself, perhaps?”

    Cough cough. Very kind of you to suggest it, dear chap. And I could also set up the InDesign design template fairly easily.

  4. Think there’s a lost comment from me!

    I was also suggesting you have a go with pdf and Indesign if you have access to that. Maybe try Issuu as an alternative to Lulu and test the water with a free copy.

    Glad you have got over your vimdigestion 🙂

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